Event Prizes or Player Pack Payout Program
Our program is an easy way for you to provide tournament payouts or player packs to your participants. We provide a unique gift certificate code emailed to each of your players. They can be used for any product from any brand on our site and there is no minimum purchase. With these features, the program qualifies as appropriate for PDGA event payouts.
PDGA Approved
No Hassle. Provide your players with gift certificates so they can choose their own prize!
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Increasing Discounts
The more certificates you're sending out the cheaper they get!
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Easy For You!
We can work with you on any size event, even if you're not sure how big the event will be. This is an easy way to know what you'll spend per player and give your players a flexible and desirable prize. This is the same format that we do for our own events.
And best of all, your side of managing this is super easy. Once your event is complete (or whenever you want to send out the certificates) just send us a list of names, emails, and amounts. Then pay the total amount being given out minus your discount and you're all set. As soon as we receive the list and the payment we'll begin processing the payouts.

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