MVP, Axiom, and Streamline New Releases!

Axiom Excite + Special Edition

Axiom Excite + Punk SE Stamp!

Fast and Understable - How Exciting!!

Neutron Matrix

Neutron Atom + Heart of the Chains SE!

Atom gets a new plastic - and a special edition stamp!

Electron Pilot LE

Electron Pilot LE!

Amazing stamp that stays true to the discs name!

Busy Week - Lots of new releases!

Lucid First Run Captain & Maverick

Lucid First Run Captain & Maverick!

Get the newest discs in the Dynamic Discs lineup!

Gregg Barsby Star Roadrunner

Gregg Barsby Tour Series In Stock!

The newest 2018 tour series disc to hit the shelves!

Westside Discs Finnish Stamps

Westside Discs - Finnish Stamps!

Get your favorite Westside molds in their native tongue!

New Trilogy Bursts

New Plastic/Mold combinations in Burst Plastic!

Deputy, Convict, Pure, and More!

2018 Masters World Championship Discs

Fundraising Discs for 2018 Masters Championships!

Help support an awesome even by picking up some sweet limited hybrid plastic!

Match Play Moonshine Deputy

Special Edition Moonshine Deputy!

If you ever wanted a moonshine deputy - now is your time!

Moonshine Destiny

Destiny - Now in Moonshine plastic!

Destiny throwers will love the change of pace with this new plastic!

Discmania & Tour Series!

Discmania Metal Flake Special Blend PD

Special Blend Metal Flake PD's!

A limited run of metal flake PD's!

Discmania C-Line Glow Special Blend PD2

C-Line Glow Special Blend PD2!

This special blend was designed to help players get extra distance!

Lisa Fajkus Splatter Star Shryke

Lisa Fajkus Splatter Star Shryke!

Great looking plastic!

2018 Sexton Firebirds


These discs are hotter than their name suggests - pick yours out today!

MVP & Axiom New Releases!

Axiom Neutron Tantrum

Neutron Tantrum + Artist Series SE!

Stock stamps & amazing SE discs by artist Josh Dorn!

Neutron Matrix

Neutron Matrix + SE Stamps!

Matrix gets a new plastic - and special edition stamps!

Electron Atom Skulboy

Electron Atom Skulboy!

Awesome stamps for a great disc!

Plasma Catalyst

Catalyst now available in Plasma!

One of the best overstable distance drivers gets a new feel!


Innova Star Rat

The RAT is here!

First Run Star Stamps & Character Stamps!

Explorer + Ballista Pro Stock Stamps - 11am CT! - Everything Else is Live!


Opto Explorer!

Stock stamp release is finally here!

Opto Ballista Pro

Opto Ballista Pro!

The big brother to the ballista is ready to dominate your rounds!

Star AviarX3

Stock Stamp Star AviarX3!

We're confident you'll love this as your new approach disc!

Mini Stamp Firebird

Mini Stamp Series Firebirds!

Limited edition! Get it while you can!

Shamrock Stamp Classic Aviar

Classic Aviar - Shamrock Stamp!

You feeling lucky?

Zuca LG New Colors

Zuca LG - New Colors!

Three new colors - and Matte Black all in stock!

GStar Premium Starter Set

GStar Premium Starter Set!

Perfect for new players and pros alike!

February 23rd Trilogy New Releases - 11am CT!

First Run Explorer

First Run Opto Explorer!

Super limited quantities - set you calendar!

First Run Opto Ballista Pro

First Run Ballista Pro!

Limited first runs will be available!

Recycled Compass

Recycled Compass!

Cut down on your costs and environmental wastes!

Recycled Culverin

Recycled Culverin!

The most environmentally friendly Culverin!

Recycled Gladiator

Recycled Gladiator!

This Gladiator is out to fight waste!

Origio Burst Warship

Origio Burst Warship!

The Warship is back with another new plastic combination!

Handeye Fuzion Burst Trespass

Fuzion Burst Trespass - Handeye Stamps!

Lighter weight Culvern!

McPro Color Glow Roc3 - Available NOW!

Discmania PDx C-Line

2018 Paul McBeth Tour Series McPro Color Glow Roc3!

Checkout the newest tour series disc in McPro Color Glow Plastic!

Available NOW!

Discmania PDx C-Line

Discmania's Newest Driver the PDx!

A combination of a PD & PD2!

Discmania Beanie

Discmania Logo Beanie!

Very warm and stylish beanie!

Discmania Umbrella

Discmania Umbrella!

Stay dry and maintain your best grip!

Coming Soon! - February 14th MVP/Axiom/Streamline New Releases!

Trace of Hearts - Streamline

Streamline Trace - Trace of Hearts!

Limited Edition Trace of Hearts Stamp! Available on Valentines Day!

Plasma Octane

MVP - Plasma Octane

Available for the first time in Plasma plastic!

Electron Firm Envy

Axiom - Electron Firm Envy

Softer plastic of the newly released Particle!

Plasma Trace

Streamline Plasma Trace - Stock Stamps!

What a great look for a stock stamp!

Trilogy - February 2nd - Afternoon!

Prime Deputy Stock Stamp

Prime Deputy Stock Stamp!

One of the hottest putters in the game!

Tournament Sling

Westside Tournament Sling!

Top of the line plastic for an excellent mid-range!

Latitude 64 Zion Stock Stamp

Latitude 64 Zion Stock Stamp!

Overmolded 2kOpto-G Zion - Now in stock stamp!

Discmania - February 2nd!

Discmania DD2 C-Line Metal Flake

Metal Flake DD2!

Some added stability for the DD2!

Discmania S-Line CD3

CD3 In S-Line

Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 2!

Discmania C-Line Luster DDX

Discmania C-Line Luster DDX!

The most overstable DDX yet!

January 27th Innova New Releases - Live!

Star AviarX3

Star AviarX3!

Limited number of first runs will be available upon release!

Mini Series Star Shryke

Mini Series Star Shryke!

Third edition of the mini stamp series!

Star TeeBird3

Star TeeBird3

Available in Star plastic for the first time!

January 26th MVP New Releases - Afternoon!

Skullboy Vertex

Skullboy Vertex!

Limited edition Skullboy Vertex

Neutron Vertex

NEW MOLD - Vertex

Flight Numbers: Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

Neutron Soft Particle

Neutron Soft Particle

Softer plastic of the newly released Particle!

MVP Discclaw

Hive DiscClaw

New Color!