McPro Color Glow Roc3 - Available NOW!

Discmania PDx C-Line

2018 Paul McBeth Tour Series McPro Color Glow Roc3!

Checkout the newest tour series disc in McPro Color Glow Plastic!

Available NOW!

Discmania PDx C-Line

Discmania's Newest Driver the PDx!

A combination of a PD & PD2!

Discmania Beanie

Discmania Logo Beanie!

Very warm and stylish beanie!

Discmania Umbrella

Discmania Umbrella!

Stay dry and maintain your best grip!

Coming Soon - February 23rd Trilogy New Releases - 11am CT!

First Run Explorer

First Run Opto Explorer!

Super limited quantities - set you calendar!

First Run Opto Ballista Pro

First Run Ballista Pro!

Limited first runs will be available!

Recycled Compass

Recycled Compass!

Cut down on your costs and environmental wastes!

Recycled Culverin

Recycled Culverin!

The most environmentally friendly Culverin!

Recycled Gladiator

Recycled Gladiator!

This Gladiator is out to fight waste!

Origio Burst Warship

Origio Burst Warship!

The Warship is back with another new plastic combination!

Handeye Fuzion Burst Trespass

Fuzion Burst Trespass - Handeye Stamps!

Lighter weight Culvern!

Stainless Steel Water Canteen

Stainless Steel Water Canteen

A durable solution to your hydration needs!

Latitude 64 Water Bottle

Water Bottles!

Stay hydrated!

Coming Soon! - February 14th MVP/Axiom/Streamline New Releases!

Trace of Hearts - Streamline

Streamline Trace - Trace of Hearts!

Limited Edition Trace of Hearts Stamp! Available on Valentines Day!

Plasma Octane

MVP - Plasma Octane

Available for the first time in Plasma plastic!

Electron Firm Envy

Axiom - Electron Firm Envy

Softer plastic of the newly released Particle!

Plasma Trace

Streamline Plasma Trace - Stock Stamps!

What a great look for a stock stamp!

Trilogy - February 2nd - Afternoon!

Prime Deputy Stock Stamp

Prime Deputy Stock Stamp!

One of the hottest putters in the game!

Tournament Sling

Westside Tournament Sling!

Top of the line plastic for an excellent mid-range!

Latitude 64 Zion Stock Stamp

Latitude 64 Zion Stock Stamp!

Overmolded 2kOpto-G Zion - Now in stock stamp!

Discmania - February 2nd!

Discmania DD2 C-Line Metal Flake

Metal Flake DD2!

Some added stability for the DD2!

Discmania S-Line CD3

CD3 In S-Line

Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 2!

Discmania C-Line Luster DDX

Discmania C-Line Luster DDX!

The most overstable DDX yet!

January 27th Innova New Releases - Live!

Star AviarX3

Star AviarX3!

Limited number of first runs will be available upon release!

Mini Series Star Shryke

Mini Series Star Shryke!

Third edition of the mini stamp series!

Star TeeBird3

Star TeeBird3

Available in Star plastic for the first time!

January 26th MVP New Releases - Afternoon!

Skullboy Vertex

Skullboy Vertex!

Limited edition Skullboy Vertex

Neutron Vertex

NEW MOLD - Vertex

Flight Numbers: Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

Neutron Soft Particle

Neutron Soft Particle

Softer plastic of the newly released Particle!

MVP Discclaw

Hive DiscClaw

New Color!

New Custom Dyes & Stamps

Maverick Disc Golf Discs

Now Carrying A Selection of (Disc)Qualified Dyes!

The sickest dye jobs available now on DZDiscs!

Maverick Robot Stamps

Maverick Robot - Discmania Stamps!

RHBH Robot says you should add this stamp to your bag!

January 18th Trilogy New Releases - Afternoon!

Opto Air Culvern

Opto Air Culvern!

Lighter weight Culvern!

Bold Lightweight Pullover

Dynamic Lightweight Pullover!

Hooded lightweight athletic pullover!

Sunset Hex Hat

Sunset Hex Adjustable Hat!

Dynamics latest and greatest snapback hats!

Sunset Hex T-Shirt

Sunset Hex T-Shirt!

Stylish shirt that is great for casual wear!

Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

Show off to your colleagues or pin it to your bag!

In-Flight Hat

In-Flight Hat!

Another great hat from Dynamic!

Prime Burst EMAC Truth

Prime Burst EMAC Truth

One of the best DD molds - now in Prime Burst!

Prime Burst Trespass

Prime Burst Trespass!

A great distance driver now available in Prime Burst!

Tournament Burst Harps

Tournament Burst Harps!

One of our favorite approach discs gets a facelift!

Tournament Burst Tursas

Tournament Burst Tursas

Some really cool bursts!

Prime Burst Marshal

Prime Burst Marshal - Big Bar!

The best looking Marshal's we have seen!

Proto Umbrella New Colors

Proto Umbrella New Colors!

Excellent umbrellas!

Now Partnered with Maverick Disc Golf!!!

Maverick Disc Golf Discs

Now Carrying A Selection of Maverick Discs!

Tournament stamped discs from a good friend of DZDiscs!

Maverick Disc Golf Stamps

Get hard to find Champion Color Glow Discs!

A preview of what Maverick has to offer!

MVP New Releases!

MVP Plasma Servo

Servo in Plasma!

Available for the first time in Plasma Plastic!

MVP Electron Vector

MVP Vector - Electron

A more traditional feel to the Vector!

MVP Particle

NEW MOLD - Particle!

Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 2!

December 18th - Afternoon!

Eagle McMahon P-Line Glow P2 Imperial Eagle

Eagle McMahon P-Line Glow Imperial Eagle P2's!

An awesome stamp on an already awesome putter!

Paige Pierce Bar Stamp Burst Deputy

Paige Pierce Burst Deputy With Limited Bar Stamp!

The deputy is growing in popularity, and this stamp is an amazing bar stamp variant.

100% Beef Stamp

100% Beef!

The Beefiest discs with the Beefiest stamps!

Lucid Suspect Concave

CONCAVE Suspect!

Puddle top Lucid Suspects!

New Wheatshield Stamp Molds

New Wheatshield Molds!

Classic Blend Judges and Lucid EMAC Truths!

New Dynamic Discs Apparel

Two New Shirts INSTOCK!

One short and one long sleeve for any weather!

Color Glow MD3 with Eagle McMahon Stamp

Eagle McMahon Color Glow C-Line MD3

Add some new colors to your glow selection!

Innova Prototype Firestorm

Prototype Firstorm with Happy Holidays stamp!

An overstable speed 14 distance driver!

Innova Star TL3

Star TL3 Fairway Driver!

Great fairway driver useful to players of all skill!

Innova Star Stock Stamp RocX3

Stock Stamp Star RocX3!

Get Innova's most overstable windfighting disc in star plastic!

New Dynamic Discs Cadet Colors

New Cadet Colors!

Four new colors just in time for holiday shopping!

Innova Beanies

New Innova Beanies!

Plenty of styles and colors to choose from!

New Innova Hoodies

Innova Hoodies!

Zip and Pullover options available now!

New Innova Windbreaker

Innova Windbreaker!

Black/Gray in stock!

2017 Innova Calendar

Innova Calendar!

Get your year started off right!

New Innova Hats

Innova Hats!

New hats in stock now!

Available 11/21 - Afternoon!

Gold Line Burst Trident

Limited Edition Trident's & River Pro!

Extremely limited burst discs - get them while you can!

Black Hole Friday

Black Hole HD or Axiom Pro Basket!

$149.95 - Free Electron Ion 170g - Free Shipping!

Available NOW!!!

2k Opto G Zion

First Run Zions!

Latitude 64's newest overmold disc!

Fuzion Burst Slammer with Bar Stamp

Fuzion Big Bar Burst Slammer!

We have some absolute gems!

Swirly S-Line P1X

Swirly S-Line P1X!

Because everyone loves a good swirl!

Electron Envy

Axiom Electron Envy!

Special Edition Alien stamps!!!

November 17th - Trilogy New Releases!

Classic Burst Warden

Classic (Hard) Burst Warden!

Classic Burst Wardens available on Friday!

Prime Burst Judge

Prime Burst Judge!

More Judges - More Bursts!

LG & EZ Zuca Carts

Two New Zuca Carts! Shipping NOW!

Get the all new LG & EZ Carts!

Paige Pierce 4x World Champion Convict

4x World Champion Paige Pierce Lucid Convict!

Celebrate Paige's dominance with the newest Convict stamp!

DyeMax Punisher Discs

DyeMax Punisher!

Spin one of these around while watching the new series!

Lucid Junior Sheriff

Junior Lucid Sheriff!

There is a much smaller new Sheriff in town!

Handeye Mazed and Confused

Get Mazed and Confused!

Handeye Supply Co's newest stamp!

Handeye Facade Stamp New Molds

Whats your go to?!

New molds available for the awesome Handeye Facade stamp!

November MyDye Molds

New Lucid MyDye Molds!

Freedom, Sheriff, EMAC Truth, and Suspect!

Dynamic Discs Sili Pint

The Ultimate Disc Golf Cup

Firm yet Flexible!

Dynamic Discs Sticker Sheets

Sticker Sheets!

Get all your favorite DD stickers on one sheet!

Prime Burst Judge with Big Bar

Prime Burst - Big Bar!

Super Limited - get them while you can!

Swirly S-Line P2

S-Line Swirly P2!

Checkout these great swirls on one of the best putters in the game.

New Sniper Colorways


Show off your Patriotic side!

November 3rd - Innova + Discmania Releases!

Small Stamp Series Aviar3

Mini Stamp Series - Star Aviar3!

Only available for a short time!

Glow D-Line P2 with Spider Stamp

Keep the putts Spooky!

Limited run of stamps. Great for Glow - or an everyday putter!

Doombird FD3 Restock

Miss out the first time? We have more!

Lizotte Doom Bird FD3's - Back in stock!

Innova Basket Keychain

Put a basket on your keyring.

Awesome way to show some disc golf flair in your daily life!

November 1st - Trilogy Limited Releases - Big Bar Stamps + LE Discs!

Super Soft Bar Stamp Warden

Classic Super Soft Bar Stamped Warden!

Limited - Get them before the'yre gone!

Fluid Judge with Bar Stamp

Fluid Bar Stamped Judge!

A plastic that is soon to be unavailable - with a limited stamp!

BT Megasoft Harp with Limited Edition Stamp

BT Megasoft Limited Edition Harp!

Trilogy's version of a XXL stamp - on the ever popular Harp!

Zero Line Megasoft Swan1 Reborn with Limited Edition Stamp

Swan1 Reborn - Limited Stamp!!

Another mega soft disc - with another mega sweet stamp!

Alder Wood Minis

Alder Wood Minis!

Handcrafted next door in Colorado!

Classic Blend Mini with Bar Stamp

Classic Blend Mini - Bar Stamp!

Unique mini - set yourself apart!

Zuca Axle Knobs

Replacement Time!

Get a fresh pair of Axle Knobs for your Zuca!

E3 Price Drop! New Digital Camo Colorway.

E3 Deluxe Bag Price Reduction and Digital Camo Color

Digital Camo and other E3 Bags - Now $149.99

A drop of $50 on one of the biggest bags in the game.

Pink E3 Deluxe Bag Price Reduction

Pink E3 Bags - Now $139.99

Save an additional $10 on Pink variants of this great backpack bag.

October 13th - Westside Finnish Stamps - Accessories!

2017 Grow Disc Golf Day Stamps

2017 Grow Disc Golf Day Stamps!

Everyday is the correct day to help grow disc golf!

Westside Discs Finnish Stamps

Recycled Finnish Stamps!

Limited release of Finnish stamped Westside Recycled plastics.

Dynamic Discs King D's Hooded Sweatshirt

King D's Hoodie

Gear up for the Winter with this new hoodie!

Dynamic Discs Bandana

Dynamic Discs Bandana!

With tons of uses, we are sure you can find a use for these awesome bandanas!

License Plate

Ride in style!

Let everyone know where your disc golf allegiance lies!

Zing Pico Can Topper

Don't spill your "beverage" while on the course!

Can be used either as a mini marker, or a beer saver.

New Hero & Super Hero Packs Available!

Super Hero Packs New Colors

Super Hero Star Colorways

The newest colors - be the first to have them!

Hero Pack New Colors

Hero Pack - New Colors!

Houndstooth, Argyle, Diamond, and Orange Camo!

October 6th @ 11AM CT - HUGE Trilogy Release - New Molds & Paige Pierce LE Stamps!

Paige Pierce 4x Limited Edition Stamped Deputy

Classic (Hard) Deputy - LE Paige Pierce Stamp!

Only available for a short time, so make sure to pick up some of these awesome new putters!

Paige Pierce Stock Stamped Defender

New Stock Stamped Bio Defenders!

4x World Champion Paige Pierce's choice for overstable driver!

Opto River Pro

Opto River Pro!

Added stability to Latitude 64's classic fairway driver.

Classic Blend Deputy

Classic Blend Deputy

Dynamic Discs highly anticipate understable putter!

Westside Pine

Get the all new Westside Pine!

Looking for a new controllable and overstable mid-range? The Pine is the answer!

Super Soft Marshal

Super Soft Marshal!

This Marshal might not be as hard on crime, but it sure feels good in the hand!

VIP Crown

New plastic - same Crown!

Get the Crown in a more durable driving plastic!

October MyDye Molds

Ballista, Trespass, and Enforcers.

The newest molds to get the MyDye treatment!

Disc Golf Beanies

Winter is coming!

Get your beanie on with some great new styles that are sure to keep you warm!

Lizotte C-Line Glow Cresent Falcon

Simon Lizotte C-Line Glow MD4!

With special Crescent Falcon stamp! Available NOW!

Mini Stamp Series Destroyer

Mini Stamp Series - Star Destroyers!

Full sized star destroyers with a little stamp. Very nice addition to any bag.

Halloween 2017 Stamps

Halloween Stamps!

Star RocX3, DX Glow Aviar, and Champ I-Dye Beasts!

Discmania P3X

Discmania P3X - Official Release September 15th!

First Run and stock stamped S-Line P3X's will hit the shelves Friday, September 15th @ 11AM central.

C-Line MD4

Discmania MD4 - Official Release September 1st!

Newest addition to the MD line and this one is the most overstable yet. With an impressive amount of glide this disc can do it all!

September 1st MVP/Axiom New Releases!

MVP Limit Special Edition

New Mold - MVP Limit & Special Edition Stamp!

The limit is the most overstable in MVP's line of distance drivers. With a predictably hard fade this disc will become a go-to in your bag.

Axiom Mayhem and Special Edition Mayhem

Axiom Mayhem - Now in Proton + SE Stamp!

The mayhem has been a very popular mold since its release. As such, its time to get some new plastic combinations. Plus an awesome Punk Special Edition stamp.

Eclipse Macro Tesla

Eclipse Macro Tesla - Glow!

Macro & Junior discs have been an awesome addition to this years product releases, but now its time to take them into your next glow round!

Paige Pierce Double Stamp Bio Defenders

Paige Pierce Double Stamped BioFuzion Defenders!

Celebrate 4x Champ Paige Pierce's newest signature disc! Double stamps will be a one time production and are available only in extremely limited quantities.

USDGC 2017 Roc with Feather Stamp

USDGC Feather Rocs!

The exclusive fundraising disc for the 2017 USDGC. Limited!!

August 18th @ 11AM Central Time Trilogy New Releases!

Ricky Wysocki Bursts

Ricky Wysocki 2X Champion Celebration Discs - Bursts!

Get the Compass, Dagger, Harp, and Felon in the new 2X World Champion stamp.

Stache EMAC Enforcer

Help EMAC through this years tour!

One of the best stamps we have seen. Hands down.

August MyDye Molds

Fan of dyed discs? Rejoice - New Molds!

Now available - Convict, Defender, Evidence, Justice, and Compass!

Wheatshield Stamps

Wheat Shield Stamps!

With DZDiscs being from Kansas - we think this is one cool stamp!

Classic Minis

Classic Minis!

A great feel - and a cool stamp!

Sunny Putts T-Shirt

New T-Shirt!

Really cool design - sure to impress anyone!

Dynamic Discs Two Tone Polo Shirt

Two-Tone Polo Shirt!

Dynamic Apparel keeps on getting better. A great looking casual or playing polo.

Discmania TDx

New Discmania Mold - TDx!

The newest in the TD line. We will have First Run's and stock stamps available soon!

Innova Tour Series Discs

Innova Tour Series!

Sexton Firebirds, McPro Aviars, and more - restock of Koling Thunderbirds and Philo Destroyers on the way!

July 28th @ 11AM Central Time Trilogy New Releases!

EMAC Signature Prime Judge

Signature EMAC Prime Judge.

EMAC's signature on the great grip of a Prime Judge.

Handeye Facade Stamp

Handeye - Facade Stamp!

Available for select molds and plastic combinations.

Opto Bite Puppy

Get your Pup a disc!

A smaller diameter Bite disc - same durability and puncture resistant plastic.

July 5th Innova New Releases!

Innova First Run Mystere

First Run G* Mystere!

Only available this one time - get the newest Innova mold!

30th Anniversary Roc

30 Years of the Roc!

One of the best mid-ranges in the sport is celebrating it's 30th anniversary!

Innova Flag Stamps

Patriotic 2-Color USA Flag Stamps

It may be after Independence day - but these discs will keep you in the spirit! Destroyers, Teebirds, and Leopards!

Coming June 23rd At 11AM Central - Trilogy New Releases!

Westside Ahti

NEW MOLD ALERT - Westside Ahti 9 | 3 | 0 | 4

Westside's newest mold. Designed to help you on windy days. Available on 6/23 at 11am!

Junior EMAC Truth

The Junior Movement is Growing! Junior Lucid EMAC Truths!

One of the very best mid-range molds - now in the smaller diameter Junior discs!

Opto Caltrop

Caltrop Throwing Putter - Now In Opto!

The Caltrop has been a very popular throwing putter. It will be available in the durable Opto Line plastic on June 23rd.

Latitude 64 Bryce

Regular Production Latitude 64 Bryce!

Your next Overmold fairway driver will be here June 23rd @ 11AM!

Innova New Releases - In Stock Now!

DX Mirage with Ghost Stamp

DX Mirage - Ghost Stamp

Get the understable mid-range in the two-color ghost stamp!

Innova Profile Performance Jersey

Innova Profile Jersey

Excellent performance top for the dog days of summer!

Innova Logo T-Shirt

Innova Logo T-Shirt

New shirt - Classic look. Show your love of Innova discs!

Available June 9th At 11AM - Trilogy New Releases

Latitude 64 Sublimated Towels

Latitude 64 Sublimated Towels

Great looking towels - that will keep your grip throughout the day.

Lucid Air Witness

Lucid Air Witness - Coming soon!

The Witness is an excellent beginner disc - as it performs well with slower arms. It can also be used for a variety of shots. Now available in the light weight Lucid Air plastic.

Lat 64 Quick Dry Towel

Latitude 64 Quick Dry Towel!

Keep your discs dry - and this towel too! Quick drys are an excellent addition to your main towel. Pick one of these up to keep your grip consistent even through the wettest rounds.

First Run Latitude 64 Bryce

First Run Bryce - In Stock Now - Overmold Fairway Driver from Latitude 64!

The first overmold driver from Latitude 64. Featuring an Opto Line flight plate, and a Gold Line rim.

Champion RocX3

Innova's RocX3 - Fight the wind!

Innova has created their newest Roc - and it provides excellent utility to any bag. This disc was designed to save you from the wind. It is also a nice upgrade over previous Roc's when throwing forehand.

New Innova T-Shirts

Three Exciting New Innova Tee Shirts!

A wide variety of materials and styles - something for everyone!

Champion Blizzard TeeDevil with Special Edition Stamp

Special Release - Blizzard TeeDevil

A lightweight control driver with excellent shot variety.

Spill Beetle

Beetle - Old School Flying Disc!

Great for upshots or just throwing around with some friends.

DX Wombat3

The Wombat3 will tunnel you right to your destination!

Innova's new straight flying mid-range will keep you on a narrow fairway, or help you hit a gap perfectly.

Dynamic Discs Criminal SE

Dynamic Disc Special Edition Criminal Fairway Driver - Available IN STORE (NOW) Thursday, March 30, 2017

Special Editions are a VERY limited pre-first-run version of these discs. Only 10 per location are sold and only through official Dynamic Discs retailers. Like us!

First Run Slammers

Dynamic Disc First Run Slammers - (LIVE!) New Official Release Date: Friday, March 31st, 2017 at 11am CT

We'll have these up the minute they're available to sell. Stay tuned!

Star Aviar3 First Run

Star Aviar3 - First Release

On the way from Innova - your next driving putter!

Dynamic Discs Zuca Carts

Dynamic Disc Zuca Carts Available NOW!!! - New Release - March 8th, 2017

Take a break from hauling your gear on your back, get a cart to ease the load!

Innova Peace Stamps

Innova Peace Discs - New Release - March 1st, 2017

For the love of the game. Disc golf is better with friends and the Peace disc brings that same vibe to the course. Available in some of the most popular models—DX Aviar, Champion Roc3, and the super-colorful iDye Champion Thunderbird!

Handeye Highrise Stamp

Handeye Supply Co Highrise Stamp

Available: Friday, February 24th at 11AM CST

Paige Pierce Double Stamped Convicts

Dynamic Discs Lucid Convict Paige Pierce Double Stamped Release Date

Available: Friday, February 24th at 11AM CST

Marvel Avengers Panorama Discs

Dynamic Discs Marvel Panorama Release Date

Available: Friday, February 24th at 11AM CST