Affiliates at DZ Discs

Are you the owner of a blog or website focused on disc golf and looking to earn money? Consider joining the DZ Discs affiliate program. We offer a wide range of disc golf products from various brands, ensuring your audience finds what they're looking for.

Our website provides detailed information like weight and color, along with clear images of over 30,000 discs we have in stock. With competitive pricing, quick shipping, discounts, and limited edition discs, we're the go-to choice for disc golf fans.

Once approved for our affiliate program, you can easily add links to on your website. Whether you're linking to specific products, brand pages, or our homepage, you'll earn a percentage of the sales. You can choose to be paid in store credit or cash, with typical cash commissions at 10%.

Our affiliate program is simple to use, with a login to track your clicks and sales. Payments are issued monthly to affiliates who meet the requirements.

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