Team DZDiscs

You scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours. But beyond this simple quid pro quo is our desire to help make a difference in your and our disc golf community. We expect members at all levels to be kind, grow the sport, and pay it forward. Sponsorships are generally awarded for a period of 1 year at which time they'll be reviewed again. We WILL shift players around as we only have a limited number of spaces available and we want to share these opportunties with others.

How to Apply:

Send an email to with a subject of “I Wanna Be On Team DZ”.  Include . . .

  • Full Name, Facebook and Instagram Account Names

  • Hometown and Favorite Course

  • Favorite Brand or Disc

  • Anything else you think is important about you or your disc golf career.

  • Picture if you have one.


You must have an account on our site and must have placed at least 1 order.

*All benefits and discounts levels are subject to change.

What you get:

Team Prototype

Just For Fun!

Team Paradigm

Competitive Players/Promoters

Team Epitome

Top Players/Promoters

Extra rewards points on purchases! Discounts +  Promo Kickback Top Level Discounts + Best Promo Kickback + Player Profile
This is where almost all players start. It is designed for players who casually play disc golf – or are just getting started in the sport. It gets you extra rewards points in exchange for being a DZDiscs superfan. You're encouraged to help us promote our company in any ways possible. However there are no requirements to do so! If you would like to have a coupon code for referrals you may consider Team Paradigm. Team Paradigm's players will be expected to promote our company whenever the play in tournaments. You will receive a discount code to pass out, you earn a 5% kickback of the order totals whenever your code is used. Non participation or low sales may earn you a sponsorship downgrade. Conversely if you do outstanding at promoting you will be rewarded with a jump to Team Epitome regardless of your PDGA rating. Team Epitome is for those that live and breath competitive disc golf. These are the road warriors always on their way to the next tournament. Players on this team will be required to promote DZDiscs and will be expected to translate that promotion into coupon code sales. If you aren't willing to put in the work to better yourself and our company you may have your sponsorship downgraded.

What we expect of all players:

  • Show our logo when you play: Any time you’re at a tournament, practice, clinic, or just out for fun please show our logo somewhere.  This could be as simple as a keychain on your bag or sticker on your cart.

  • Purchase your stock stamped discs from us if we have the brand you’re looking for. We currently carry Axiom, Discmania, Dynamic, Innova, Latitude 64, Millennium, MVP, Streamline, and Westside.

  • Represent our company in a positive way while promoting the sportsmanship and fun disc golf is known for.

  • Engage fellow friends and players on your cards and in your area to promote DZDiscs.

  • Engage with us and help promote DZDiscs on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Once accepted and your player profile is up we encourage you to make an announcement post on your Facebook or Instagram account. Make sure to tag us in the post!

  • Help us figure out what to carry.  Do you see something we're missing?  Let us know.  We're here to serve.

Extra Rewards Points

  • You'll be listed as a DZDiscs Team member.

  • 10 points for each $8 spent on discs.

  • 5 points for each $3 spent on DZDiscs promotional items.

  • Points spent are worth $0.11 each.

Current Team Rosters:

DZDiscs Team Epitome

Ben Lauridsen - Olathe, KS

Cal Patton - Kansas City, KS

Dustin Pope - Lawrence, KS

Shawn Affolter - McKenzie, TN

Tyler Martin - Rockingham, VA

DZDiscs Team Womens Epitome

Becca Horvath Kephart - Kansas City, MO

Elisabeth Borg-Bowman - Kansas City, MO

DZDiscs Team Paradigm

Lee Allen - Topeka, KS

Noah Baker - Amarillo, TX

Ian "DX Birdie Lover" Beach - Baldwin City, KS

Hans Coleman - Lawrence, KS

Beau Cygan - Olathe, KS

Jude Davis - Plainview, TX

Tim Horst - Mission, KS

Brian Mendez - Midland, TX

Dan Meyers - Lawrence, KS

Zach Owen - Lawrence, KS

Jordan Ramey - Olathe, KS

William Trimble - Lawrence, KS

Dustin Henson - Killen, AL

DZDiscs Team Prototype

Member Home Town Favorite Courses Favorite Disc Quote
Jordan Best Topeka, KS Longview Innova Star Teebird
Don Clark Phoenix, AZ Conocido Park Latitude 64 Halo
Russel Dana Crystal, MI Deerfield - Mt. Pleasan; Smash Park - Beldling Latitude 64 Saint I wish I found this sport 10 years ago. Competition, hiking, and outdoors - this game was tailor made for me. I believe growing the sport is done through teaching the next generation.
Eli Donley Lawrence, KS Longview, Perry, KS Innova and Dynamic
Joseph Donley Lawrence, KS Centennial, Lawrence, KS Dynamic Discs Deputy Layups are for basketball. “Simon Lizotte”
John Fernandez
Tyler Larivier Le Mars, IA Blue Ribbon Pines - East Bethel, MN Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64
Ted Miller Canton, MI Cass-Benton Latitude 64 Retro Anchor I plan to play at least 25 different courses this year.
Greg Morrow Ottawa, KS Jones West - Emporia,KS Dynamic Discs
Duong "Jr" Nugyen Adrian, MN Blue Ribbon Pines - East Bethel, MN Dynamic Discs Truth I want to better myself and the sport I love.
Jon Rahmig Le Mars, IA West Floyd Disc Golf Course - Le Mars, IA Trilogy
Lance Ringstaff Calvert City, KY Seven Oaks, Nashville, TN Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon
James Russell Scottsdale, AZ Vista del Camino, Scottsdale, AZ MVP Motion and Tesla My favorite hobby.
Robert Smith Austin, TX Roy G Discmania
DJ Welsh Ottawa, KS Longview, Perry, KS Dynamic Discs Maverick
Eric Zuelke Ottawa, KS Bloomington, KS Westside

DZDiscs Staff Team Members

StaffHome TownFavorite CoursesFavorite DiscPDGAQuote
Ken Farris Lawrence, KS
Galen Adams Emporia, KS Longview, Perry Lake, KS Discmania DDX 89521 Don't be proud of doing the right thing. Just do the right thing. -Dean Smith
Clayton Stauffer Lawrence, KS Eagle DGC, Olpe, KS Westside Harp 96362 You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott
Tanner Bolen Emporia, KS Jones East, Emporia, KS Champion Thunderbird Ive missed more than 9,000 putts in my career. -Michael Jordan -Tanner Bolen