2018 Dynamic Flight Rating Revision

In February of 2018, the Trilogy of Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside did a systematic revision of their flight numbers to more accurately describe the flight characteristics of their discs as they are being produced today.

From Latitude 64 regarding the 2018 Flight Rating Revision:

Thanks to the feedback of our many fans we realized it was about time to take a hard look at our flight ratings. We agree with you guys, some of them have just not been accurate. Why? We have evolved! There have been two main stages for us.

2006-2011. A lot of our discs were released a long time ago. Our first discs (Sinus, Medius, Primitus) were produced in 2006, and back then we rented machine time from another company. Our first very own injection molding machine touched down on the factory floor 2011. Being in full control of production gave us the opportunity to develop in ways we could not imagine. We made better discs, and some discs saw some changes along the way.

2011-2017. We will not go into full detail in public, but as we have evolved we have made some slight changes in our disc production techniques. Apart from making discs that fly great, look good and feel comfortable, we have also put great effort in making as consistent runs of discs as we possibly can. Some of our discs has seen slightly different flight characteristics because of this. Saint Pro is one example. When it was released we had some really good runs that we were happy with, but there were unfortunately also a few runs that were less satisfactory. The Saint Pro’s produced today are less overstable compared the first runs, but the consistency has improved immensely.

2018-. We now feel that we have reached a level of consistency which requires a flight rating revision. We still have a lot of work to do on this matter. Reaching 100% consistency is an utopian impossibility due to the organic material we are working with. But our goal is, and has always been, to be in the forefront of improving the quality and consistency of golf discs. You should not have to be a disc detective to replace your favorite discs.

We hope you feel we are doing a good job, and we promise that we will keep finding ways to do it even better.

Here at DZDiscs, all of the text on our site will soon reflect the new/current 2018 flight ratings provided. Because we take pictures of every disc on the site you may find a few discs that show the old flight numbers and then have the new flight numbers in their description or title. As described above, it is these new flight numbers that are the most accurate and how you should decide which discs to purchase. As the older stamped discs sell out this will be less and less of an issue.

Note, that this is not a change in the mold, so the discs with the old flight numbers on them don't fly any differently than the new discs that will come with new flight numbers. They just revised the numbers to be more accurate to the actual flight characteristics of the disc.

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