Lost & Found

DZDiscs is committed to making sure you always have the right discs in your bag, whether that means getting some awesome new ones from us, or getting the special disc you lost back in its rightful spot. While not everyone is honest when finding plastic on a course - we would love to reward players who are.

You can browse the current list of Lost & Found discs HERE.

How it works:

If you lost a disc . . . FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW

We'll keep an eye on the found discs and alert you if there's a match or you may even see the match before we do.   At that point you can claim the disc here.  You can pick up the disc for free, have it shipped to you for $3 or have it shipped for free along with your puchase of $12 or more.

If you found a disc . . . FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW

Go ahead and fill out the form now and then drop the disc by the store when you can.  We'll put 20 points ($2) on your account to use torward your next purchase. You may even get a reward from the owner.


Q: What do you do with unclaimed discs?

A: Well they're not ours!  After 6 months, unclaimed discs will be offered back to the finder and they can either claim them or we will donate them to a local charity on their behalf.

Q: I know whose disc it is. Why do I need you?

A: Maybe you don't. Just give it back to them. :)  But I know that I've carried discs around for several months before getting it back to someone because we either kept forgetting or just didn't hook up.  This way you can get that extra plastic out of your bag and they can grab it next time they're in the store or just have it shipped to them. We're just trying to make this easy for you. 

Q: I'm not from around Lawrence, KS.  Can I still use this service?

A: Sure! This is an easy way to document your lost or found discs.

Q: What if I find 100 discs?

A: Sounds like your scuba gear is working well.  If you find 100 discs and fill out the form 100 times and drop off 100 found discs to us then we'll give you the $200 bounty and try to make 100 other players very happy.

Q: I just need to fill out the form and I'm done? That's it?

A: Yep. But, you also might share our lost and found page with some info about the disc on your social platforms.  Get the word out that you found a disc and maybe whoever claims it will reward you.  Or you can get the word out that you're looking for it and someone will know where to take it and they'll get a $2 bounty just for helping you out.