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Streamline Discs - by MVP

Streamline Discs is a collection of single mold / single plastic discs from the makers of MVP and Axiom. They look great with stock multi-foil stamps at an economy price. MVP's been making way more complicated GYRO overmolds for years. They've perfected their techniques and have now applied them to this solo-mold line. Streamlines have precision, 3-foil stamping, smooth edges, and consistent domes across colors.

Streamline Discs Solo-Molds

Streamline currently consists of just 2 molds: the Pilot Putter and the Trace Driver.

Pilot Putter

The Pilot is a flat topped, straightflying putter. It has a -1 turn and only a 1 fade so you can point it at the basket and let it go knowing it will end up right where you want it. It's got a rounded nose and a medium-depth grip so its very comfortable for those of us without huge hands. Shop Streamline Putters

Trace Drivers

The Trace flies straight and stable. The -1 turn will let most players flip the disc up from a hyzer but the Trace will hold the line and not flip over. The 2 fade is smooth and dependable. With the ability to get up on plane and a nice 5 glide you're sure to get great distance from this power driver. Shop Streamline Drivers

Streamline Discs Plastics

Streamline Discs use the same high-tech polymers as the MVP and Axiom discs, just in a single mold.

Neutron Plastic

Neutron Plastic is the top of the line MVP material. It has an opaque bright color making it easy to find and they come in a wide range of colors. Neutron discs feel as good as they look.

Proton Plastic

Proton Plastic maintains the durability of Neutron but comes in beautiful, translucent, you wanna take a bite, candy colors. These are great discs to light up for LED night rounds.

Electron Plastic (Soft, Medium, and Firm)

Electron plastic comes in a variety of firmness so you can get just the feel you want. Electron won't be as durable as the Proton or Neutron Plastic. It will wear slowly adding glide and neutral flight as it does so.

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Streamline Runway - New Mold Release - August 24th

August 28, 2018 No comments

Streamline’s first midrange is here -- the Runway, launching in Neutron Plastic. The Runway is an overstable midrange that can handle powerful throws with pinpoint accuracy.

MVP to Begin Fully Incorporating the Familiar 4 Number Flight Rating System

June 18, 2018 No comments

MVP is going to begin incorporating their 4 number flight rating system on all of their discs including the MVP and Axiom brands. They had previously done this with just their Streamline brand. As new discs are produced they will start to have the flight ratings stamped on the disc helping players have a quicker idea of how a disc should perform.