Millennium - Herington, Kansas

Created in the 1990's by two disc golf hall of famers, Millennium has always been a brand that produces quality discs. They created the very first line of soft plastics for discs - it was then combined with their flagship putter the Omega. Their discs are produced by Innova: meaning they will be consistent and quality products. Millennium features which run each disc is in right on the stamp.

Millennium Molds

Millennium has a variety of molds in all disc classifications, their selection is well thought out and applicable to any disc golf player, whether a seasoned vet or a just for fun player.


The Omega is Millennium's putter. It is such a great mold they didnt need to make any others. It is however available in a few different options: Omega, Omega Big Bead, and Omega Driver. Shop Millennium Putters


The Aurora MS is a great midrange for players seeking an accurate and straight shot. If you're looking for something more overstable you may turn to the Sentinel MF. Shop Millennium Midranges

Fairway Drivers

The Orion LS is an excellent choice for a fairway driver. It has a turn of -2 and a fade of 2. It has a ton of utility and shot types and is good for almost any skill level.Shop Millennium Fairway Drivers

Distance Drivers

Millennium's two most popular distance drivers are the Quasar and the Scorpious! They are each 13 speed and have a turn of -1. They differ however on glide and fade. The Scorpious has a glide of 4 and a fade of 3. Whereas the Quasar has 5 glide and 4 fade. Shop Millennium Distance Drivers

Millennium Plastics

Delta-T DT Plastic

Millennium's most economical plastic DT offers a hard & firm grip. It will be susceptible to wear over time, but will give you a good amount of rounds before then. Only available on the Omega mold.

Millennium Plastic: Standard, ET, Super Soft

Their base line plastic is also the original premium plastic in disc golf. It is the essential mix of grip and durability players search far and wide for. It is also available in two variants: ET (Extra Tack), and Super Soft. Giving players even more options for this already great plastic.

Lunar Plastic

Lunar plastic is meant to be used under the moon - because it glows in the dark!

Quantum Plastic

Quantum Plastic is the first of their modern disc golf plastics. It is very similar to Innova Champion plastic in that it is translucent, extremely durable, and retains its flight characteristics. Some Quantum discs include stardust (metal flakes) for added durability. Also available in light weight discs known as Quantum Zero-G.

Sirius Plastic

Ultimate durability with added grip compared to the Quantum plastic. Almost identical to Innova Star plastic - Sirius is the preferred plastic for distance drivers.

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