Latitude 64

Latitude 64 - Skellefteå, Sweden

Latitude 64 is a Swedish disc golf company that has been dedicated to growing the sport of disc golf since their inception. They have been heavily involved in the competitive disc golf communities sponsoring a number of World Champions. They are apart of the legendary Trilogy brands and they actually produce all the discs for the Trilogy brands in Sweden.

Latitude 64 Molds

Latitude 64 is one of the big dogs in disc golf, and as such they have a completely flushed out disc golf lineup. With a variety of choices in each category Latitude 64 has what you need. Originally a single mold company - they released a series of overmold discs in 2017, showing their drive to continuously innovate.


The Dagger is Latitude 64's flagship putter and is the signature putter of 2x World Champion - Ricky Wysocki. The Dagger is overstable with a fade of 2. Looking for something a with a little less fade? Consider the Pure which has a more shallow dish and feels exceptional in the hand. Shop Latitude 64 Putters


The Claymore and the Compass are the big guns here. The Claymore is known for its straight flight and its ease of use. With less turn the Compass is the most popular of Latitude 64's midranges. Looking for something more overstable? Take Dave Feldberg's advice and pick up a Mace, with a fade of 2 you can rely on its predictable finish. Shop Latitude 64 Midranges

Fairway Drivers

As far as fairway drivers go the Diamond is the top seller for Latitude. It is an easy to use lightweight fairway driver designed for new players. More experience players will love the River lineup: which includes the River, River Pro, and Air River.Shop Latitude 64 Fairway Drivers

Distance Drivers

The Ballista is the most popular Distance Driver mold by Latitude. It requires a big arm but has an outstanding fade of 4 meaning with a little practice you can rely on its finishing power. The Havoc and Gladiator round out their lineup of predictably overstable distance drivers. Looking for something flippier - try out the Bolt!Shop Latitude 64 Distance Drivers

Latitude 64 Plastics

Retro Line Plastic

Latitude 64's lowest cost plastic is designed to give you a feel of the past, when disc golf plastic was more understable and easier to break in. Also a great plastic to try out a new mold.

Zero Line Plastic - Hard, Medium, Soft, Megasoft

Zero Line is available in four variations - each with different flexibility in the plastic. Zero Line is also renowned for its superior grip and is often used for putters and midranges. The softer the disc gets the less it will skip and roll.

Opto Line Plastic

Opto is Latitude 64's translucent plastic and is among the most durable plastics on the market. While not having the best grip when brand new you can count on Opto plastic to break in slowly, while also gaining tackiness as it breaks in. Opto plastic is also available in lightweight microbubble plastic known as Opto Air.

Gold Line Plastic

Gold Line is their top of the line plastic. It has durability that is comparable to Opto, but has added grip and is a little more flexible. Go for the tunnel shot without worrying about hitting the trees - Gold Line has your back even if you do.

Reprocessed Plastic

Using a blend of Gold Line and Opto Line plastics that have been reground to eliminate pollution and waste by Latitude 64, Reprocessed plastic has the same durability as Opto with the grippy feel of Gold line. These discs are considered to be slightly less stable.

Moonshine Plastic

Unless specified Moonshine discs are glow in the dark Opto plastic. This is an easy choice for glow players as these discs can be charged up to glow by a UV flashlight.

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Latitude 64 Posts from the DZDiscs Blog

Discmania P-Line Stiff P1x Putter - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 23rd

4 days ago No comments

Because of the high demand for a beaded putter from Discmania, the P1x was born. This putter was created purely with player feel in mind. That thought put together with high amounts of test repetition uncovered a very ergonomic design. Its convex lower wing and the classic P1 top gives this disc a very comfortable feeling in the hand, it just feels like it belongs there. The X-Factor of the P1x is its medium sized bead along the bottom rim of the disc. This bead just fits in the hand much better than the very apparent bigger bead on most other beaded putters. Find your X-Factor and start nailing your putts with the P1x!

Innova Star Caiman Overstable Midrange - New Mold Release - July 23rd

6 days ago No comments

Drawing inspiration from the Gator, the Caiman muscles its way into Innova’s mid-range lineup with a strong fade and minimal glide—the Caiman thrives in a headwind. The micro bead gives the rim a smooth feel, perfect for power forehand throws. Star plastic delivers durability and consistency that meet the standards of touring pros.

Discmania Dana Vicich's Roaming Thunder Swirly S-Line CD2 Control Driver

11 days ago No comments

Geared up for battle, the Discmania Roaming Thunder CD2 is Dana Vicich's weapon of choice when it comes to control drivers.

Handeye Supply Co Hybrid Stretch Shorts - New Release

13 days ago No comments

A perfect match for the Handeye Supply Grip6 Belt.


  • 90/10 polyester/spandex
  • Comfortable stretch fabric
  • Can be worn in and out of water

Zuca EZ Cart Pouch and Cooler by Dynamic Discs - New Release

13 days ago No comments

The Dynamic DiscsAccessory Pouch and Cooler were designed to complement the Zuca EZ Cart or function as standalone storage for use with other carts. Each item fits perfectly under the EZ Cart shelf for easy access on-the-go. Choose from the gear bag or the cooler - or mix and match to fit your needs.

Westside Discs Moonshine Catapult - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 13th

13 days ago No comments

Like its namesake, this is made to cover long distances. This is a super-high speed disc that even the big arms will be able to use. Fast with enough stability to really handle a full power throw. When you need to go a long way with predictability, launch this Catapult over any obstacle in your way.

Westside Discs Moonshine Queen - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 13th

13 days ago No comments

A strong Queen has the same qualities as that of a King, just in a smaller package. This Queen is just as fast as its counterpart but has a noticeably smaller feel in the hand. Great as a bomber or a stand still surgical instrument. The Queen will rule your bag with the right mix of grace and power.

Latitude 64 Retro Burst Compass - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 13th

13 days ago No comments

Navigate the fairways with the Latitude 64Compass. This straight flyer will go wherever you need it to go, and holds any line in a predictable way. Not shallow, not deep, this disc will fit in any hand. The Compass has been developed in cooperation with World Champion Ricky Wysocki: ”The Compass will make me more confident on the course. Hyzer, straight, anhyzer; I can trust it on every angle”.

Latitude 64 Gold River Pro - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 13th

13 days ago No comments

The Pro version of the popular River. With added stability, the Latitude 64 Gold Line River Pro will be a versatile and trusty fairway driver with a slow and steady fade.

Latitude 64 Opto Air Ballista Pro - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 13th

13 days ago No comments

The Latitude 64 Ballista Pro is the big brother to the Ballista, with added stability for experienced players. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a distance driver that can navigate tight fairways. With a great combination of speed, stability and glide it is the go-to disc for all kinds of distance shots.

Latitude 64 Opto Compass with Bar Stamp - Special Stamp New Release - July 13th

13 days ago No comments

Navigate the fairways with the Latitude 64 Compass. This straight flyer will go wherever you need it to go, and holds any line in a predictable way. Not shallow, not deep, this disc will fit in any hand. The Compass has been developed in cooperation with World Champion Ricky Wysocki: ”The Compass will make me more confident on the course. Hyzer, straight, anhyzer; I can trust it on every angle”.

Update on Dynamic Discs Gold Team Series Fundraiser Discs - Mid/Late August

19 days ago No comments

We expect these to arrive at the warehouse and ship to us in mid-late August.

Dynamic Discs Bar Stamped Lucid Marshal Putter - New Mold/Plastic Combo - June 29th

25 days ago No comments

To bead or not to bead. This is one of the most fundamental questions in disc golf. While the Judge and Warden from Dynamic Discs each have their own opinion, the Marshal comes to establish peace in this fight. The microbead and slim profile of the Marshal makes for a disc that feels and releases great.

Dynamic Discs Bar Stamped Lucid Ice Clear Verdict - New Plastic/Mold Combo - June 29th

25 days ago No comments

Predictable. Overstable. Midrange. This is the Dynamic Discs Verdict. You can trust this disc to get the midrange distance you need even when the winds are threatening to flip everything that you throw. The Verdict is a great complement to the Truth in speed and feel in the hand. If you love one, you will love the other and be able to accomplish that many more shots that you need. The Verdict has been handed down. Get rid of high scores with the Verdict.

The new Bar Stamped Lucid Verdict will be released on June 29th, 2018.

Discmania P3X Putter - Now in C-Line Plastic - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 3rd

25 days ago No comments

The P3x is another one of Discmania's true workhorse putters similar to a P2, yet it's spiced it up a bit. For players that love the P2 but find it too deep to latch on to, the P3x is the one for you. It features a large bead on the bottom, board flat profile, and a slightly smaller interior rim to ensure a clean release every time. They are perfect for any windy day on the course, smooth reliable upshots, big hyzers, or power forehand/backhand throws that will travel on a rope and get you a clean fade that you can count on. Don't miss out on one of the most awaited releases, you won't be disappointed!

Special Edition Stamp Release - MVP Neutron Deflector - TV Set #1 - Deflector Coil - June 29th

28 days ago No comments

To commemorate the highly anticipated debut of the Deflector overstable midrange, MVP is proud to introduce their first paired Special Edition -- the TV Set. #1 in this set, “Deflector Coil”, depicts the powerful electromagnetic coils behind classic televisions. As power surges through the four deflector coils, their magnetic fields redirect a particle beam with such speed and accuracy that we perceive its motion as one complete image.

New Mold Release - MVP Neutron Deflector Overstable Midrange - Stock Stamp - June 29th

28 days ago No comments

The highly anticipated overstable midrange has arrived, the Neutron Deflector! After one of MVP's most rigorous development processes, the Deflector is here to combat headwinds and produce powerful overstable flights in all conditions. The Neutron Deflector answers the call of many fans looking for a slower speed disc with powerful overstability.

MVP to Begin Fully Incorporating the Familiar 4 Number Flight Rating System

28 days ago No comments

MVP is going to begin incorporating their 4 number flight rating system on all of their discs including the MVP and Axiom brands. They had previously done this with just their Streamline brand. As new discs are produced they will start to have the flight ratings stamped on the disc helping players have a quicker idea of how a disc should perform.

Shrykes Added to Innova's Limited Edition USA Flag Themed Lineup - June 15th

1 month ago No comments

The Double Eagle stamps are so hot that Innova added another model, the Double Eagle Star Shryke! The Star Shryke joins the Rat and Eagle in their Limited Edition USA flag themed lineup. Innova discs are proudly made in America and these beauties feature the two-color Double Eagle stamp.

Models available: Star Shryke (white), Star Rat (black, white), Star Eagle (white).

Just as the others molds, this is a Limited Edition disc with only 25 being released to each dealer.