Innova TeeRex Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Flight Numbers: Speed 11 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Innova TeeRex Flight Chart

The TeeRex is a fast, stable to overstable power driver with significant glide. Resistance to turn at high speeds means this disc will perform well into the wind. TeeRex offers the flight of the TeeBird with the speed of the Wraith. Recommended for professional level players and those that throw at high speeds. The TeeRex is a great distance disc for windy conditions and sidearm throwers.

Release Dates and Info

April 30th, 2018: As of right now, the Innova TeeRex is available only in Champion plastic using Blizzard Enhanced technology. There will be a small amount of bubbles in the plastic of the rim to keep the weight down within legal limits.  These are very flat.  They have just enough of a dome to not be called pancake flat. The Star TeeRex's are no longer available.