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Paige Pierce Lucid Double Stamped Convict

Paige Pierce has called the Lucid Convict an underrated disc and quite possibly the best fairway driver she's ever thrown. Maybe that's why she chose it for her signature disc. Dynamic Discs is doing something special for Paige and existing Lucid Convicts.

LIMITED Double Stamp: They will be stamped with her signature in a different foil than the stock stamp. All of them will have two foil colors, meaning her signature will not match the stock stamp foil color, making them that much more special. This two color stamp is a one-time deal and will not be offered again.

Don't miss out on these amazing looking - and of course excellent feeling Convicts. Check back on Friday to pick out your favorite color and stamp combination.

Release Date: 02/24/2017 @ 11AM CST

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