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Discmania P3X Disc Golf Putters

Flight Numbers: Speed 3 | Glide 2 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Discmania P3X - Disc Golf  Putter 3 2 0 3

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26 Item(s)

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Release Dates and Info

April 26th, 2018: The new D-Line configuration offers you that same P3x feel, but in a more grippy, softer plastic. The D-Line P3x is great for headwind putts and upshots. It is also a superb option for shorter forehand shots. Off the tee you should expect a straighter flight than you get out of the S-Line P3x.

Discmania D-Line P3x - Attack the Green!

Discmania P3X Putter - Now in C-Line Plastic - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 3rd

June 21, 2018 No comments

The P3x is another one of Discmania's true workhorse putters similar to a P2, yet it's spiced it up a bit. For players that love the P2 but find it too deep to latch on to, the P3x is the one for you. It features a large bead on the bottom, board flat profile, and a slightly smaller interior rim to ensure a clean release every time. They are perfect for any windy day on the course, smooth reliable upshots, big hyzers, or power forehand/backhand throws that will travel on a rope and get you a clean fade that you can count on. Don't miss out on one of the most awaited releases, you won't be disappointed!