Discmania PD Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Flight Numbers: Speed 10 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Discmania PD - Disc Golf  Distance Driver 10 4 0 3
Discmania PD Flight Chart

The PD is a fast and stable Power Driver driver which is very resistant to the wind. The PD has a good glide and it’s useful for sidearms, stable power shots, and long flex shots for experienced players. This disc offers longer and straighter shots with a reliable low speed fade. If you’re hesitant to try the Power Driver, ask anyone who’s tried it – this disc is a true crowd favourite.

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45 Item(s)

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Release Dates and Info

March 2018: The PD's are being released for a 2nd time in C-Line Metal Flake.  This run is strikingly similar to the highly sought after 3rd run PD's and they've been carefully moldened in a clean Jolly Launcher plastic.  Wiith exceptional grip and feel these have the perfect blend of glide, stability, and reliability.  Their dome is neither too high nor too flat, offering the best of both worlds.  They have similar stability to the 3rd run PD and just as much glide.

2018 C-Line Metal Flake Discmania PD

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