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Innova Savant - New Mold!

15 days ago No comments
Star Savant: Straddling the Fairway and Distance niche perfectly An excellent stable to s ...

Innova Mini Stamp Star TeeBird - New Release - August 20th

3 months ago No comments

Innova's seventh model in the Mini Stamp series, the Star TeeBird, has long been a popular fairway driver.

“One of my favorite discs in the bag and I’d say the main reason is because it’s consistent,” says Philo Brathwaite. “That’s the whole point of the fairway driver is that you’re throwing something under control.”

Innova Star Caiman Overstable Midrange - New Mold Release - July 23rd

4 months ago No comments

Drawing inspiration from the Gator, the Caiman muscles its way into Innova’s mid-range lineup with a strong fade and minimal glide—the Caiman thrives in a headwind. The micro bead gives the rim a smooth feel, perfect for power forehand throws. Star plastic delivers durability and consistency that meet the standards of touring pros.

Innova Mini-Stamp Star Wraith - New Release - July 10th

4 months ago No comments

The Innova Star Wraith has been a staple Distance Driver since it debuted in 2005 and is now available in the Mini Stamp series. A blend of subtle turn and predictable fade makes the Wraith perfect for players looking to gain distance and reduce strokes on long holes.

Shrykes Added to Innova's Limited Edition USA Flag Themed Lineup - June 15th

5 months ago No comments
The Double Eagle stamps are so hot that Inn ...