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Proton Atom - Special Edition - Live Now!

3 days ago No comments
Delve into the quantum realm to reach the Special Edition Proton Atom. This Spec ...

Paige Bjerkaas Fuzion Burst Double Stamped Judges - New Release - In Stock Now!

1 month ago No comments
The Judge p ...

New Supply of Maverick Event Discs! In Stock Now!

1 month ago No comments
We've got lots of special Innova plastics and stamps from the recent Maverick events in the Kansa ...

Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Latitude 64 Special Edition Discs Now Available Online - New Release - August 29th

3 months ago No comments

Have you been looking for a Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs or Latitude 64 Special Edition disc, but don't have a Buyback Retailer in your area? Great news! Trilogy SE discs are now available online for the first time!

The Discmania MD is Back with a Vengeance in C-Line Luster!

4 months ago No comments

From the very beginning of the MD Discmania had a very clear cut mission - to fill the straight to understable midrange slot and to be the ultimate control midrange. By our standards the MD certainly fits the bill for both of those goals. For ultimate control, the thrower is able to control this disc to accomplish every type of flight right when you pick it up off the shelf. This speed 4 midrange has a glide rating of 5 with 0 turn and 0 fade.

Special Edition Stamp Release - MVP Neutron Deflector - TV Set #1 - Deflector Coil - June 29th

5 months ago No comments

To commemorate the highly anticipated debut of the Deflector overstable midrange, MVP is proud to introduce their first paired Special Edition -- the TV Set. #1 in this set, “Deflector Coil”, depicts the powerful electromagnetic coils behind classic televisions. As power surges through the four deflector coils, their magnetic fields redirect a particle beam with such speed and accuracy that we perceive its motion as one complete image.