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Proton Atom - Special Edition - Live Now!

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Delve into the quantum realm to reach the Special Edition Proton Atom. This Spec ...

MVP Circuit Challenge Discs - Now In Stock

1 month ago No comments
2018 MVP Circuit Challenge Discs are now available for regular purchase! This year’s featured d ...

New Review! - Lupe and Becca Throw Discs ep.3 - Video Review of the Westside Harp and the MVP Particle

1 month ago No comments
Join Lupe and Becca at Harmon Park in Prairie Village, KS as they throw and review the Harp and P ...

Special Edition Stamp Release - MVP Neutron Deflector - TV Set #1 - Deflector Coil - June 29th

5 months ago No comments

To commemorate the highly anticipated debut of the Deflector overstable midrange, MVP is proud to introduce their first paired Special Edition -- the TV Set. #1 in this set, “Deflector Coil”, depicts the powerful electromagnetic coils behind classic televisions. As power surges through the four deflector coils, their magnetic fields redirect a particle beam with such speed and accuracy that we perceive its motion as one complete image.

New Mold Release - MVP Neutron Deflector Overstable Midrange - Stock Stamp - June 29th

5 months ago No comments

The highly anticipated overstable midrange has arrived, the Neutron Deflector! After one of MVP's most rigorous development processes, the Deflector is here to combat headwinds and produce powerful overstable flights in all conditions. The Neutron Deflector answers the call of many fans looking for a slower speed disc with powerful overstability.

MVP to Begin Fully Incorporating the Familiar 4 Number Flight Rating System

5 months ago No comments
MVP is going to begin incorporating their 4 number flight rating system on all of their discs inc ...