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MVP Plasma Axis with Stock or Special Edition Stamps - February 22nd

MVP Plasma Axis with Stock or Special Edition Stamps - February 22nd
February 22, 2019 No comments

MVP Plasma Axis - Stock

Maintain a superior grip and straight flights during these winter months with the Plasma Axis Midrange Driver. The Plasma Axis first debuted in the 2018 MVP Circuit Challenge as a new variant to the popular MVP Axis Midrange. The Stock Plasma Axis features an updated MVP Plasma Plastic stock double-stamp with flight numbers, patent marking, and a new design inspired by electric plasma globes. The Axis is known for its glide and straight flights, and this continues with the Plasma Axis. This being a slightly less stable variant of the Axis, you can expect straight to turnover lines with significant glide to get you on the green.

MVP Plasma Axis - Special Edition

Take your straight mid game to extraterrestrial heights with the Special Edition Plasma Axis! This triple foil stamp by MVP Art Director ZAM features a futuristic disc golf hole in which rings of artificial terrain twist in three dimensions, creating all new layouts and shot challenges. Of course, not even course design of the distant future is a match for the Axis, whose flight characteristics make it perfect for pinpoint accuracy around obstacles and elevation changes. Pick up the Plasma Axis SE and thank your lucky stars you’re home on Earth and not paying the insane greens fees of space station golf!

Speed: 5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1