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Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Latitude 64 Special Edition Discs Now Available Online - New Release - August 29th

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Have you been looking for a Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs or Latitude 64 Special Edition disc, but don't have a Buyback Retailer in your area? Great news! Trilogy SE discs are now available online for the first time!

Streamline Runway - New Mold Release - August 24th

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Streamline’s first midrange is here -- the Runway, launching in Neutron Plastic. The Runway is an overstable midrange that can handle powerful throws with pinpoint accuracy.

DZDiscs now carries Grip Equipment bags in store!

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DZDiscs now carries the full line of GRIP Equipment Tour Bags in our retail store.

Grip Equipment is extremely proud to be acknowledged by many as the designer/manufacturer of the world’s premier disc golf bags, and one of the most recognizable, desirable brands in Disc Golf worldwide.

New Patches From Dynamic Discs, Westside and Latitude 64 - New Release - August 24th

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Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Latitude 64 are adding new Patches to give players even more options when it comes to decorating their disc golf bags.

Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Handeye Supply Co Window Decals - New Release - August 24th

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New Window Decals from Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Handeye Supply Co!

These window decals will look great on your car, laptop, basket, desk, or anywhere else you can think to put them!

Handeye Supply Co Transport Stamp - New Release - August 24th

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Another new stamp alert from Handeye Supply Co! They're calling this one Transport.

Handeye Supply Co Satellite Arrows Stamp - New Release- August 24th

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New stamp alert from Handeye Supply Co! They're calling this one Satellite Arrows.

Dynamic Discs Biofuzion Justice - HSCO Small Hand - New Release - August 24th

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Strong winds will make the most experienced player look like a novice. They have forced Dynamic Discs back into the laboratory to solve the midrange question. Their tests have led them here. The Justice is served.

Handeye Supply Co Silipint - Glow In The Dark - New Release - August 24th

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Match your mood. Match your style. Then, switch it up with one of Handeye Supply Co's colorful drinking glasses, now available in Glow! As flexible in shade as they are in their utility. For thirsty folks across the land, these 16-ounce silicone pints are more than a rugged alternative to the beer glass.

Dynamic Discs/Latitude 64 Gold Team Series Fundraiser Discs - New Release - Friday August 31st at 11am CST

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Don't miss out on these very limited release Gold Team Series discs from Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64!

Becca and Lupe Throw Discs - Video Review of the Axiom Insanity and Westside Hatchet

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Hey everyone! I'm Becca, and I'm Lupe, and this is Lupe and Becca Throw Discs! Today we're going to be talking about our favorite drivers in our bag. Lupe and I, we both compete in the Intermediate Women's division and I would say we throw max distance about 250' to 275'. We'll talk about the Axiom Plasma Insanity and the Westside Discs Tournament Hatchet.

Innova Mini Stamp Star TeeBird - New Release - August 20th

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Innova's seventh model in the Mini Stamp series, the Star TeeBird, has long been a popular fairway driver.

“One of my favorite discs in the bag and I’d say the main reason is because it’s consistent,” says Philo Brathwaite. “That’s the whole point of the fairway driver is that you’re throwing something under control.”

Innova Champion Glow Series Grows with RocX3, Tern, and Shryke Molds! - New Release - August 20th

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Players love the feel and stability of Glow Champion discs and Innova's expanding on the lineup to include three popular models.

Price Drop! Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpacks now just $179.99!

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DD Ranger H2O Backpacks have been discounted to just $179.99! Dynamic Discs is liquidating their remaining inventory so get these while you still can.

Imperial Eagle Signature P2 is Back with a Vengeance - New Release - August 15th

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First Empires are built, and then Empires conquer. The Imperial Eagle is back after devastating the competition again and again this season and has returned stronger than ever. The Imperial Eagle II is the newest signature release for Eagle McMahon, featuring a massive three headed eagle on the front of the disc, this Taloned Terror is ready for war on the course, and designed to crush opposition.

Discmania CD2 Now Available in S-Line! - New Plastic/Mold Combo - August 6th

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The Discmania CD2 in the S-Line plastic is a perfect match. The added grip you get from S-Line allows for even more control and shot shaping. Due to the added grip, The S-Line CD2 likes to slow down and grab a hold of the green, providing less skip and the confidence to attack the green.

The Discmania MD is Back with a Vengeance in C-Line Luster!

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From the very beginning of the MD Discmania had a very clear cut mission - to fill the straight to understable midrange slot and to be the ultimate control midrange. By our standards the MD certainly fits the bill for both of those goals. For ultimate control, the thrower is able to control this disc to accomplish every type of flight right when you pick it up off the shelf. This speed 4 midrange has a glide rating of 5 with 0 turn and 0 fade.

Discmania P-Line Stiff P1x Putter - New Plastic/Mold Combo - July 23rd

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Because of the high demand for a beaded putter from Discmania, the P1x was born. This putter was created purely with player feel in mind. That thought put together with high amounts of test repetition uncovered a very ergonomic design. Its convex lower wing and the classic P1 top gives this disc a very comfortable feeling in the hand, it just feels like it belongs there. The X-Factor of the P1x is its medium sized bead along the bottom rim of the disc. This bead just fits in the hand much better than the very apparent bigger bead on most other beaded putters. Find your X-Factor and start nailing your putts with the P1x!

First Debut! Innova Glow Champion Leopard3 - New Release - July 2018

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Innova's Glow Champion discs are making a comeback. There will be new models introduced over the next few months, and the Leopard3 fairway driver is the first to debut the new look.. A perfect disc for night golf, the Leopard3 is all about center fairway shots.

Innova Star Caiman Overstable Midrange - New Mold Release - July 23rd

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Drawing inspiration from the Gator, the Caiman muscles its way into Innova’s mid-range lineup with a strong fade and minimal glide—the Caiman thrives in a headwind. The micro bead gives the rim a smooth feel, perfect for power forehand throws. Star plastic delivers durability and consistency that meet the standards of touring pros.